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The Parking Department is responsible for the collection of fines relative to citations for Parking Tickets, Abandoned Vehicles, Noise, Litter, Smoking and Dog violations. The Department is authorized to initiate appropriate collection actions for violations not paid when due, including non-renewal of drivers' license and registration, Criminal complaint and tax liens. Other responsibilities include issuance of resident parking permits and management of the City's public parking lots.

List Parking Director
L. Jay Fenton
Lynn City Hall, Room 102

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Secure Online Payment or Appeal

Temporarily, while we are upgrading our Parking Ticket System, we can accept Payments or Appeals only for Ticket Numbers that start with a “V”. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If the Parking Ticket Number (top right hand corner) begins with “V” CLICK HERE otherwise please mail your payment or pay in person at City Hall.

Resident Parking

Resident Parking Permits or Visitor Passes are required for parking on certain posted streets within the City. Vehicles parked on these streets without valid Permits or Passes will be ticketed. If you live on one of these streets you may obtain a Resident Parking Permit (sticker) by presenting a valid registration containing your current address within the City, proper identification and completing a Resident Parking Application.  Two Visitor Passes may also be obtained along with the resident parking permit. Your Permit and Visitor Passes are valid only for your designated area and not for other areas within the City.

If you do not have a motor vehicle, two visitors passes may be obtained by showing proper identification, proof of residence (Utility Bills and Lease/Rental agreement) and completing a Resident Parking Application.  Currently there is no charge for Permits or visitor passes.

New Permits: Permits must be obtained only if you move or change motor vehicles.

Visitor Passes: Passes must be renewed annually.  

Resident Parking Application: May be downloaded below. Please bring the completed form to the Parking Department with your valid drivers license and vehicle registration; both much have your correct address on them.  If you do not have a driver’s license and or vehicle registration, two other forms of proof of address are required (gas, electric, phone cable bill, etc.) along with a picture ID. 

Resident Parking Application:

Municipal Parking Lots

List Lynn Municipal Parking Lots

Andrew Street

Andrew Street Municipal Lot located on Andrew Street at the intersection of Central Avenue. This lot is close to the Lynn Court House.

Parking Fees $1 Per Hour | $5 Per Day | $45 Per Month
Map View Map 
Buffum Street

Buffum Street Municipal Lot located on Buffum Street across from Lucky Strike Bowling Alley

Parking Fees $1 Per Hour | $5 Per Day | $45 Per Month
Map View Map 
Ellis Street Ellis Street Municipal Lot located on Ellis Street at the intersection of Silsbee Street.
Parking Fees $1 Per Hour | $5 Per Day | $45 Per Month
Map View Map 
Wyoma Square

Wyoma Municipal Lot located in Wyoma Square

Parking Fees $20 Per Month To Park All Day
This lot has free two-hour only parking
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Abandoned and Illegal Vehicles

All motor vehicles parked on public streets must be legally registered, have the correct number of plates displaying a valid registration sticker and display a valid inspection sticker. Vehicles not meeting these requirements are subject to being ticketed, towed and stored at owners expense. A landowner may keep only one unregistered vehicle stored on his or her private property. Vehicles may also be towed if they are left unattended on public streets for more than 72 hours or are not road worthy or present a fire or safety hazard or are parked illegally.

Fees for abandoned / illegal vehicles are as follows:
        Towing | $50.00
        Storage | $20.00 per day        
        Disposal | $100.00
        Administrative Fee | $25.00

To claim these vehicles you must provide the Parking Department with proof of ownership and pay all outstanding fees and parking fines, with Cash, Bank Check or Money Order. Personal checks are not accepted.

Parking Tickets

The City makes every effort to fairly enforce parking rules and regulations. If you receive a Parking violation, it is important to pay the violation within 21 days, otherwise significant penalties will be added and your name sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for the purpose of non-renewal of your license and registration.

A $5.00 penalty is added by the City if not paid within 21 days. A $30.00 penalty is added by the RMV upon non-renewal notification. If you wish to dispute the ticket you may request a hearing by contacting the Parking Department within 21 days of issuance of the ticket. Personal checks are accepted prior to Registry notification. After the Registry of Motor Vehicles has been notified, tickets must be paid with Cash, Bank Check or Money Order.

Snow Emergencies

You must remove your vehicle from City streets during a declared Snow Emergency. Failure to do so will subject your vehicle to being ticketed and towed. For more information, click on the Snow Emergency Information link at the top of this page.

Snow Emergency Information:

Noise Violations

It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully make or continue, or cause to be made or continued, any loud, unnecessary or unusual noise, which disturbs the peace, or quiet of any neighborhood or which causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person of normal sensitiveness residing in the area. It shall be unlawful for the owner of a premise to knowingly permit the making, creation or maintenance of unreasonably loud noises upon any premises owned or possessed by him/her or under his/her control.

Smoking Violations

Smoking Violations are paid in the Parking Department.  Inspectional Services issues the violations, and hearings for violations are reviewed at request at the Lynn Courthouse (781) 598-5200. 

Litter Violations

Litter Violations are paid in the Parking Department.  Inspectional Services issues the violations, and hearings for violations are reviewed at request at the Lynn Courthouse (781) 598-5200. 

Snow and Ice Fines

Snow and Ice Fines are paid in the Parking Department.  Inspectional Services issues the violations, and hearings for violations are reviewed at request at the Lynn Courthouse at (781) 598-5200.

Animal Control

List Contact Information
  Chief Animal Control Officer
Keith Sheppard
(781) 477-7080 (24 Hour Answering Service)

Public safety is the primary concern of the Animal Control Officer. Both domestic and wild animals can present a public health or safety hazard. You should contact the Animal Control Officer for any questions or complaints regarding domestic or wild animals. The Animal Control Officer does not get involved with the trapping of animals or insect problems.

Transport | Trapping: The transport or trapping of wild animals is illegal without a license from Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife. Contact a licensed Pest Control company for assistance with trapping.

Bite | Attack: If you are attacked or bitten by any Animal, wash the effected area with an antibacterial soap and contact your physician or outpatient facility to obtain proper testing and treatment. Contact the Animal Control Officer to report the incident and the location of the animal involved.

If your domestic pet is involved in an altercation with any wildlife, please contact the Animal Control Officer immediately.
Lost | Missing Pets: If your pet is lost/missing you should contact the North Shore Animal Hospital at (781) 596-0510. The North Shore Animal Hospital is located at 1 Neptune Blvs. in Lynn. The City of Lynn uses the North Shore Animal Hospital for all of its veterinary services.

Dog Licensing: The City of Lynn requires that all Dogs be licensed. Licenses must be renewed April 1 of each year. In order to obtain a License you must provide proof to the City that your Dog has had the required Rabies Vaccines. There is a fee of $4 for a Dog license. An un-spayed female Dog license is $7. Dog Licenses are issued at the City Clerks office. All cats are required to have rabies vaccines, but are not required to be licensed.

Leash Law:
No owner or keeper of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large within the City of Lynn at any time on any day or night in the year. Said dog shall be restrained by being kept indoors or in a yard sufficiently and safely enclosed or on a leash. A fine of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) shall be assessed for the first offense and Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for each subsequent offense. Dogs are not allowed in Pine Grove Cemetery per City Ordinance;  owners will be fined up to $200 for violation of this ordinance.  There is no leash law for cats in the City of Lynn.

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