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The Lynn Department of Public Works is responsible for overseeing and providing the citizens of Lynn with a wide variety of daily services. From roadway and sidewalk construction to trash pick-up, park maintenance and snow plowing, the DPW works to efficiently meet the needs of its constituents -- the Citizens of Lynn.

We take great pride in our efforts to provide, improve and expand upon a level of public services that affect your everyday life and the quality of life in Lynn. But, our efforts rely heavily upon your assistance and cooperation with the Department in adhering to collection schedules, parks maintenance, attention to street-sweeping schedules and snow emergencies. As a Citizen, you play a critical role in our ability to serve you.

The information on this website will provide you with contacts, programs and overview of the services we provide and the schedules established for them. Please mark us under favorites on your web browser or note your calendars with the dates that are important to your needs.

We also welcome you to view our Resources and Department Links sections. There are answers to many of the most commonly asked questions you may have about DPW services and calendars. All postings and links are listed with a subject and the date of posting and updates. Select the title you wish to view and it will display on the page in Acrobat (PDF) format. Note: Snow Emergency Procedures and Parking for those residents without driveways, should review the information below.

DPW Frequently Asked Questions | Updated November 2014

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List Commissioner | Department of Public Works
Andrew J. Hall P.E.
(781) 268-8000 and (781) 477-7099
(781) 477-7074
250 Commercial Street Lynn, MA 01905
List Associate Commissioner | Department of Public Works

Lisa J. Nerich
(781) 268-8000 and (781) 477-7099
(781) 477-7074
250 Commercial St. Lynn, MA 01905

List The DPW Hotline
  The DPW will maintain personnel on a 24-hour Hot Line for weather related events. Call (781) 477-7099 for more information.
MAP Directions To The DPW
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  Parks and Recreation Main
  Parks and Recreation Events
  Pine Grove Cemetery
  Lynn Woods
  Gannon Golf Course

Our Seasonal Announcement Pages

Each season has it's own events that we all look forward to each year...Dumpster Day, Curbside Leaf Pickup, Street Sweeping, Snow Emergencies and more!

Check out our seasonal announcements below. We will update them each year as soon as events are scheduled.

Spring and Summer Announcement Page

Fall Announcement Page

Winter Announcement Page

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  Engineering Department Documents
  Street Opening Permit Application
  Street Opening Permit Manual
  Street Opening Permit Manual Addendum A
  Street Opening Permit Manual Addendum B
  Street Opening Diagrams
  City Map Links (Under Construction)

Pothole and Graffiti Hotline Initiative

Pothole and Graffiti Hotline: (781) 477-7099 Prompt # 8
Online Web Form: Access the "Report Pothole or Graffiti" tab on the left.

The DPW has instituted a new resident hotline, exclusively for the reporting of potholes and graffiti concerns.  We have established this service to provide citizens with an easy and efficient method of reporting these quality of life issues and encourage residents to call as needed.

Any individual, who wishes to report a dangerous pothole situation, or to request a pothole repair, can call the DPW pothole hotline directly, 24 hours a day.  Also, anyone wishing to request a cleanup of new or existing graffiti, on city property, can also call the same hotline, 24 hours a day. The dedicated hotline will accept messages days, nights and weekends.

Callers will have an opportunity to leave detailed information on specific street and road locations and areas of concern, including parks, playgrounds, public buildings and properties.  The callers may remain anonymous or they may leave a telephone number for additional information if so desired. All messages will be retrieved daily and will be prioritized accordingly.

We are very happy to offer this new resource for our residents and businesses which is another endeavor by the department to provide efficiency. While these hotlines will enable our department to expedite and troubleshoot concerns on a daily basis, they are also advantageous economically.  We continually strive to preserve our properties, protect our assets and develop public awareness of what we offer to the community.  We welcome the calls!

Shade Tree FAQ and Removal Information

Online Web Form: Access the "Request Tree Work" tab on the left.

Who is responsible for what?
The City of Lynn Department of Public Works is responsible for public shade trees that are on public property such as city sidewalks and public parks.
Privately owned trees are the responsibility of the home owner/property owner on which the tree stands.

Who to call when a tree falls or has a hanging branch?

When a public shade tree falls or has a hanging branch in it, please call the Department of Public Works and report the street name and house number so we may send a representative to assess the situation.

Who to call when a tree needs trimming?

When a public shade tree needs trimming, please call the Department of Public Works and request a work order be created for a tree trim.  Please make sure to have the street name and house number before calling.

Who can trim public shade trees?

Only the Department of Public Works or Private Arborists hired by the City of Lynn are allowed to trim public shade trees within the City of Lynn.

What can I do if my neighbors’ tree is overhanging my property/house?

Massachusetts state law allows you to trim any branch overhanging your property to the property line.  You can also contact your home owner’s insurance company for advice. 

Request For Removal of a Public Shade Tree

Please be advised that the Tree Warden must receive a written request from the resident requesting such action.  Pursuant to Section (3) of Chapter (87) of the Massachusetts General Laws, a public hearing will be held on your request before the Tree Warden and the Lynn Planning Board.  The hearing will be held at Lynn City Hall on a Tuesday evening. 

In accordance with City policy, the petitioner must bear the cost for the removal of the tree and stump, if such approval is granted, as well as the cost of the advertising expense for publication of same which must be paid prior to the public hearing.  The petitioner must also provide the City with sufficient funds for a replacement tree.  The new tree will be planted in the immediate area of the removal or a suitable alternative location.  The replacement tree must be at least fourteen (14) feet tall, with a diameter of at least three and one-half (3 ½”) inches.  The species of the tree must be per-approved by the Tree Warden.

At the public hearing you must show just cause for the removal of the public shade tree, such as danger to your property or of the general public.  If the Tree Warden receives one letter of objection, permission cannot be granted.  If the tree removal is denied by either the Tree Warden or the Planning Board, an appeal may be filed, in writing, with the Mayor’s Office.

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Massachusetts' General Laws Governing Public Shade Trees
Web DCR Urban and Community Forestry Website
List Contact Us
(781) 268-8000 and (781) 477-7099
(781) 477-7074

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