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Posting Date March 23, 2022
Closing Date

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Department Inspectional Services Department
Job Title Custodian (Junior Building Custodian classification)
Vavancies Two (2) Permanent Part-Time
Union Eligible Yes, AFSCME Local 1736
Work Hours Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 2 PM

$24.10 / hour - 1st year
$24.64 / hour - 2nd year
$24.87 / hour - 3rd year


The custodian is responsible for performing custodial duties in a building or specified area(s) of a large building, under the supervision of the Director of Buildings and Grounds, their designated Assistant Supervisor of Custodians and Maintenance, and/or the Senior Building Custodian on duty at their assigned building.

Duties and Responsibilities - Performs janitorial work using the proper equipment and implementing safety precautions.
- Ability to use the proper waxes and detergents, soaps, scouring agents, where needed, on various types of floors; wall; rest room equipment, furniture and other building furnishings and equipment.
- Knowledge of use, operation and care of custodial equipment, vacuum cleaners, floor machines, floor brushes, sweeping mops, shampooers.
- Operates and cares for low pressure heating systems and ventilating equipment.
- Adjusts and repairs furniture and fixtures in buildings with ability to be able to use tools necessary for minor repairs.
- Care and use of fire and accident equipment including various kinds of had fire extinguishers with knowledge of fire drills in public buildings.
- Follows written and/or oral instructions.
- Conforms to daily work schedule with ability to handle emergencies that arise.
- Maintains harmonious working relationships. Sufficient physical fitness to perform a variety of manual tasks.
Preferred Qualifications - Knowledge of janitorial work in public buildings.
- Knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment use in custodial work.
- Knowledges of waxes, sealers, polishes, detergents and other cleaners and their proper use on various surfaces.
- Ability to follow daily schedule and under direction to cope with emergencies.
- Bilingual/bicultural candidates strongly encouraged to apply.

*City residency required within six months of hire.

How To Apply

A completed application, can be submitted via:

- Email (personnel@lynnma.gov)
- Regular Post
- The Lynn City Hall Dropbox at the Johnson Street City Hall Entrance
- In-Person at the Personnel Department, Room 307 in Lynn City Hall

If submitting via e-mail, please include the “JOB TITLE” in the subject line.
Applications must be submitted by the deadline below, or you will not be considered.
Email Subject
Job Title
“Part-Time Custodian"
Closing Date

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

* The Lynn City Council has approved a home rule petition to the Massachusetts Legislature that would amend the Lynn City Charter to remove this residency requirement but affirm preference in hiring for Lynn residents.
The City of Lynn is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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